A Day Visit Program (Non-Stay) Package

Orangutan Islands

Some orangutans live on six man-made islands (a nice walk from the Samboja Lodge). The Island orangutans are for not release candidates, due to handicaps and miss-behavior. Therefore, they can only be viewed from the land. Every day workers bring over many kinds of fruits, vegetables and leafy branches. Though there is No Contact for Visitors permitted with any of our orangutans, we could use your help in making new behavioral enrichment devices for them, preparing their food and even in taking observational data!Activities at the Orangutan Islands will begin at 8am and continue until 4 pm. The islands are easily reached on foot from the Lodge. The Samboja Lodge’s guide will assist you to visit the island, however, if you would like to visit again the island on another day, please contact the front desk for assistance.

Sun Bear Sanctuary

Samboja Lestari is home to one of the world's largest sun bear projects. You can help with the maintenance of the cages, observations on the behavior of newly formed groups, creation of behavioral enrichment, preparation and feeding out of food.Activities at the sun bear compound will begin at 8am and end at 4pm. The bear compound is a short 15min walk from the Samboja Lodge.

Sungai Hitam (Black River)

Sungai Hitam is best visited in the early morning and late afternoon. Following a 30 minute drive from Samboja Lestari you take a boat ride along the Sungai Hitam tidal river to see highly endangered Proboscis monkeys and other wildlife. Local fisherman will guide you on this tidal river. The fisherman will have a daily income for their services.

our principles

Samboja Lodge has a management system that prioritizes the needs of all three parties that play an important role in its development - the foundation, the guests/donors, and the employees.



To be the best ecotourism destination in Indonesia focused on conservation; prioritizing service and education for our guests/donors that support the conservation work undertaken at BOSF Samboja Lestari and empower the local community.


  • Establish a tourism program that provides education on orangutan and sun bear conservation.
  • Provide the best service by prioritizing the needs of the customer.
  • Contribute most/all of the profits/income to supporting the orangutan and sun bear conservation effort.
  • Offer employment opportunities for members of the surrounding communities, which will improve the lives of local people both financially and in a self-development capacity.